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YSEC is an automated one stop shop where developers can customize their tokenomics, add a trading pair and choose between Interval / Time Vaults for their token allocations. Our dynamic IDO management system provides options to divide or burn unsold tokens before automatically listing on the designated DEX.

About us

What is YSEC?

YSEC is an automated full-service Initial DEX Offering Launchpad with the goal of making DeFi a safer space for investors.

Besides offering the option to create an IDO, creators will also have operability to lock token allocations in two different ways:

  1. Time Vault: Where tokens locked will be released after the set time has passed.
  2. Interval Vault: Where a set percentage of tokens will be unlocked after a set time period has passed.

After a successful presale, a trading pair will be automatically created on Pancakeswap (future chains to be integrated). Creators can choose to either burn or lock the Liquidity tokens retrieved as a result of the trade pair set-up.


When an IDO is listed on our dashboard, all settings are transparent and visible so investors can be certain that everything set within the IDO form will be executed accordingly.

IDO Listings are autonomously deployed via our smart contract to ensure security for clients as well as investors. We hold security and transparency in high regards.

Token Metrics

1.000.000 tokens total supply







Pancakeswap liquidity







LID 10.000 : LID tokens were a fee for LID as part of providing the presale.

Farming 200.000 : Farming tokens are locked and will be released at a rate of 10% per month.

Presale 300.000 : All presale tokens were distributed in the presale.

Pancakeswap Liquidity ? : Liquidity tokens were used for liquidity on Pancakeswap.

Team 100.000 : Team tokens are locked and will be released at a rate of 10% per month.

Marketing 193.000 : Marketing tokens are locked and will be released at a rate of 10% per month.

75% of WBNB raised has been used to create our trading pairs on Pancakeswap. Liquidity tokens have been permanently locked in a burn address.

YSEC tokenomics work differently than what you might expect of a launchpad. Where you need native tokens to participate in a pre-sale allocation on different platforms, YSEC IDO’s are always fair. However, our token does have a utility. YSEC tokens can be staked.

There will be staking pools where staking YSEC will lead to a reward in YSEC, but our most valued staking pool is in our Yield Dashboard. An exceptional location on our app where token holders can stake YSEC and will be rewarded in WBNB for each IDO launched through YSEC.

Because the source of value is tokenized within our YSEC token, a micro-economy is built that aligns with participating individuals’ incentives with the goal of growth, passive income and a YSEC ecosystem. We strive to cooperate with the community by creating a decentralized revenue-share system that aims to grow through social-marketing.

Help us, help you; so that we may all grow together & create a safer trading environment for DeFi.

Yield Dashboard

What is our Yield Dashboard

The Yield Dashboard, is an exciting part of our app where YSEC stakers join to participate in a unique tokenomic among existing launchpads. Tokens accumulated by users can be staked here to earn WBNB in return. While a participant can decide to leave the staking pool at any time, staked tokens are more difficult to sell. Withdrawing tokens from the free market has the advantage that the ecosystem remains better protected and strong price dips occur less often. Another advantage is scarcity, due to staked tokens are not being sold. The effect of this scarcity will translate into economic growth of the YSEC ecosystem.

Staked tokens on our Yield Dashboard will be rewarded in Ethereum for each product launched through our platform. The dashboard provides an overview of the total YSEC staked, the number of tokens you have staked, the total WBNB in the pool, the number of successful IDOs YSEC has launched and the number of participants in the pool.

Yield Growth

From each successful presale (softcap hit) 2.5% of total capital raised is transferred to the Yield Dashboard. The same goes for projects launching at BSC and in the future FTM or TRX. This will remain the case until we can successfully link YSEC to our ERC-20 token. Projects that launch on BSC, FTM or TRX will have yield transferred to our WBNB Yield Dashboard until we develop a bridge for the YSEC ecosystem. In a medium article, screenshots of transfers, swaps and trades will be shared to allow the Yield Dashboard to work on the ERC-20 network in all transparency.

One advantage of the Yield Dashboard is that users only have to stake once. Ethereum rewards sent to the Yield Dashboard automatically get added to any existing rewards pool, so you will never have to unstake YSEC tokens from the Yield Dashboard if your goal is to constantly farm out yield from upcoming IDOs.


  • Q1


    - Launch YSEC Platform for ERC-20.

    - Yield pool creation.

    - YSEC partnerships.

  • Q2


    - Launch BSC integration of YSEC launchpad.

    - Launch FTM integration of YSEC launchpad.

    - Launch private sale option.

    - Finalize new webpage.

    - YSEC mobile dashboard.

  • Q3


    - Launch TRX integration of YSEC Launchpad.

    - Second Staking Pool (APY TBA).

    - Wrapped token branching to connected networks.

    - Explore other solidity integrations.

  • Q4


    - Basic audit protocol for listed projects.

YSEC Partners

Projects that launch through YSEC will have the opportunity to pitch their project to our KOL network. Through our private Telegram channel, we aim to streamline Marketing, Advisory and Strategic Partnership connections between project leaders and well known KOLs within the DeFi community. Use of our KOL group is without obligation, but highly recommended.


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